Sussex Pond Pudding

After being told that it is the quintessentially traditional English dessert, I went in search of the Sussex Pond Pudding.

Traditional English puddings Sussex Pond Pudding

But no luck.

I scoured Google for any telltale signs of the deliciously rich sauce, which oozes out onto the plate when the pudding is cut open to serve. Nothing.  Not one restaurant,  I could find, that included it on their dessert menus.

Best British traditional puddings Sussex Pond Pudding

Plenty of recipes though. All extolling the merits of this elusive sticky treat.

Whilst it is not the most attractive of puddings, the rich suet pastry encases a delicious filling of brown sugar and butter, with a whole lemon placed in the centre. As the pudding steams, the lemon softens flavouring the butter and brown sugar which when cut open, pools around the plate giving it, it’s name and the sticky goodness which keeps one coming back for more.

Favourite English puddings Sussex Pond Pudding with apples

But it is not as traditional as it would first appear.

The addition of the lemon  is a relatively new innovation. The original recipe was a suet crust flavoured with currants and sugar that’s rolled around a ball of sweetened butter.



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