A Syrup Sponge

The boxed pudding that travels cross country before being popped through a letter box cannot by any stretch of the imagination, be referred to as home cooked.

Best syrup sponge pudding in West Sussex


Whereas a light steaming sponge plucked straight out the hot pan, drenched in golden syrup and served in a bowl of fresh farm cream is what I look forward to at the Royal Oak Hooksway.

Traditional Sussex pub food


A 16th Century pub, it might well be.

But they are pushing boundaries a bit when it comes to traditional Sussex pub food. Not with the desserts though. Besides my sponge pudding there is a crumble of the day

Best puddings in West Sussex

as well as a chocolate fudge cake. Not strictly exclusive to Sussex. But close enough.

Chocolate fudge cake dessets in Chichester

It is the Main menu which, besides the sausages which are served with chips, holds no surprises.

A simple standard menu. Exactly what you would expect from a country pub. The ubiquitous burger, pies, ham and eggs, lasagne, curry of the day and jacket potatoes.

Which is what appeals to me. Unassuming, perfectly ordinary, no pretensions. Stricly ordinary hopefully home cooked pub comfort food .

Best Sunday roast in the South Downs


And a Sunday Roast which ranks amongst the better ones I have found in the South Downs.

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