Traditional Christmas pudding

One of my enduring memories of Christmas, is finding the sixpence inside the brandy drenched Christmas pudding.

Flaming traditional Christmas pudding the south of England

Patiently waiting for the adults after switching off the lights. All the oohing and aahing, as the flaming pudding was brought to the table. I wasn’t particularly interested in the brandy butter either. It was the shiny new sixpence and a years good luck which I was after.

Traditional English Christmas pudding in Devon the south of England

Whereas now that I am a lot older and a lot wiser, it is what makes the difference between one pudding and another that is important. Like the handmade traditional puddings from a tiny artisan bakery in Devon. Figgy’s puddings that are steamed and matured in the traditional way that allows the flavours to mature and develop.

I wonder if they have ever considered popping a shiny new sixpence into the mix?

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