Northern Ireland

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Food Photographers in Northern Ireland – as the former senior photographer in Northern Irelands’ leading PR and Commercial photo agency Aaron has a wide variety of experience in photographing high profile VIPs. These assignments have included royalty, heads of state, executive ministers and business leaders. In a fast changing media environment Aaron has kept a fresh approach to his photography, utilising new technology and techniques to capture the most exciting images for his clients. Michael has over twenty years experience in media production and distribution, developing advertising and marketing content for global and local brands. His breadth of knowledge in the use of digital media gives clients a cost effective, fast turn around and new opportunities to maximise their use of digital assets. Food photography requires a range of skills, that will not just make the product look good, but desirable enough to purchase. In addition to the technical skills of lighting, composition and timing; working with chefs, food stylists, clients and editors is a key factor to a successful shoot.