Many years ago I had a favourite Indian restaurant on Corlett Drive in Johannesburg. They served an Indian rice pudding as a speciality on their dessert menu.

Kheer Indian rice pudding in the UK

A rare treat I have searched high and low for ever since. I assume it was Kheer and infused with saffron. But I have yet to find anything that compares.

Authentic Kheer Indian rice pudding South Coast

Although it is also the dessert menu that has me going back to Darbar in Emsworth. For both their rice pudding and a very sweet doughnut type dessert which I think is Gulab Jamun.

Gulab Jamun Indian doughnut in syrup

Apple Crumble

The Coal Exchange in Emsworth is a regular stop for a homemade Apple Crumble

Traditional homemade desserts Emsworth Hampshire

A nice big plate that is drowning in cream. They also do a good Lemon Meringue and sweet sticky sponge pudding.

Sweet and sticky sponge pudding Emsworth Hampshire

Traditional English desserts to round off a leisurely home cooked pub lunch. Simple wholesome food and the hospitality that keeps one coming back over and over.

Home cooked roast beef with horseradish sauce